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Capital Campaigns for Non-Profit Organizations

Pre-Campaign Planning
Is your organization ready for a capital campaign? Articles in this section explore factors that you should consider prior to launching your campaign or feasibility study.
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  Campaign Management
These articles focus on every aspect of campaign management such as campaign phases, budget, solicitation techniques and conducting an employee campaign.
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  Campaign Spotlight
As part of this site, we wish to feature articles from a variety of organizations that are or have been involved in a capital campaign.
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Welcome To The Most Comprehensive Website on Capital Campaigns

This website includes samples materials, training guides and articles all related to managing a successful capital campaign. This website is dedicated to the discussion of capital campaign fundraising for non-profit organizations.

Capital campaigns are generally considered to be fundraising efforts for major capital purposes, usually to the tune of millions of dollars and, on occasion, a billion dollars or more.

While the site was originated by Capital Quest, Inc., a capital campaign consulting firm, in 1997 as a marketing vehicle for the firm, the site has grown to be one of the internet’s most definitive sites for information on capital campaigns.

In 2006, Capital Quest opened the site to outside writers who have interesting ideas about capital campaigns. The mission of this website has changed – from a marketing site for the company – to an educational site for staff and volunteers to learn about capital campaigns. It also serves as an open vehicle for those who have interesting ideas or concepts about capital campaigns that they’d like to share with the world.

All of the information contained on this site may be printed and distributed to friends and colleagues without charge. We waive any copyright protection, with the exception of any attempt to copy or distribute articles or materials from this site for profit.

If you have any ideas for new articles or even entire sections for this site, please share your ideas by clicking here. We offer a small honorarium for original articles posted to this site, and will provide website or email links for articles or practical documents used in a campaign that are posted to this site.

Please enjoy the site and, where possible, support the advertisers that make it possible. Without them, this would be just another basic consulting site!

The Most Comprehensive Website on Capital Campaigns

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