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We want to hear your story!

This is your opportunity to place your campaign and organization in the spotlight.

As part of this site, we wish to feature articles from a variety of organizations that are or have been involved in a capital campaign. Our hope is that organizations like yours will contribute stories from the front lines. We know that capital campaigns can be full of twists and turns and we want to hear about your experiences.

Tell the story of your greatest success! Or, describe a disappointing setback and explain how it was addressed. Is there something that you handled in an unusual way? What was it? What did you do and what was the outcome? What were some obstacles to your success? And was easier than you thought it would be? If there was one thing that you could describe as the key to your organization’s success, what it is? Why?

Use your imagination and don’t hold back. Many of the organizations who will use as a resource will be interested in what it’s really like to conduct a capital campaign. Your story might just address the very thing they need to know.

Please submit your article to Bill Krueger at:

Articles should contain your name and phone number as well as the name and location of your organization.

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