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Would You Like To Write an Article or Provide Information for This Website?

We'd love to have your contribution of an informative capital campaign article. This site is designed to provide information and be educational. As such, a variety of opinions and ideas are welcome and we'd love to have anyone who writes well write for this website.

Besides original articles, we'd also welcome samples, examples, guides, and other information material from other capital campaigns or from consultants in the field. The only exception to original writing is that other appropriate articles that appear on other website can be re-printed on this site, with appropriate credit and links.

Our general policy is to pay a small honorarium for original articles we use. Right now, that honorarium is $100 per article. We will also provide a website link and / or email address for every article we use.

We're committed to making this website comprehensive and informative and realize that the best way to do that is to encourage others to write as a part of this. We are also quite willing to have authors or submitters of sample materials and training information link from our website to other sites.

We recognize that it may seem strange to let firms and individuals that might be perceived as “competitors” link to this site, given that the site is owned and operated by Capital Quest, a fundraising consulting firm. But we think, in this case, competition isn't the important issue – getting good information to people who need it should be the overriding issue.

For sample materials or other educational information, as opposed to original articles, we do not pay an honorarium but we will link a website address and/or an email link to each posted piece. So, if you have an interesting idea for an article, or some great samples of capital campaign related materials or information, for this website, just email and we'll be in touch.

Best wishes,

William C. Krueger
Capital Quest, Inc.

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